LM Investment Management have issued a comprehensive report on their activities. For those clients interested in the latest click here.


What is happening in the investment world from NZ Funds Management's viewpoint is available here.


Inflation is the enemy of savers. The Reserve Bank of NZ lets you check how inflation reduces the spending power of your savings. Click here.


To have a look at the Managed Portfolio Service click here.


A very interesting up to date news site is here.


Our preferred fund manager and fund administrator is New Zealand Funds Management Ltd. This site gives a lot of background information on who they are and the people who administer client's funds.


Thinking about retirement savings? Sorted is a great site.


 Investment Savings and Insurance Association http://www.isi.org.nz


This link is more industry oriented but has lots of current news.


How fast is US debt clocking up? Just a quirky link but still fun.


This is an update on financial adviser regulatory reform, courtesy of DLA Phillips Fox