An investment gateway for New Zealanders

The Managed Portfolio Service allows you, with your adviser, to implement your own tailored strategy.

Your investments will be diversified across a range of carefully researched portfolios, overseen by a selection of world-class Australasian and global asset managers.



A personalised strategy

In conjunction with your financial adviser, the Managed Portfolio Service allows you to implement an investment strategy that can be tailored to meet your needs as they change over time. Experience has shown that almost everyone can benefit from developing and implementing an overarching investment strategy in conjunction with an experienced adviser.

Implemented through a range of carefully researched portfolios

Once your investments strategy is set, it can be implemented through a range of carefully researched investment portfolios in the Managed Portfolio Service.
Your strategy and portfolio selection are designed to fit your needs as a New Zealander, taking into account your investment time frames, attitudes towards risk, cash flow needs and taxation position. The portfolios available within the Managed Portfolio Service cover Short Term Income, Future Income, Maintaining Capital and Future Growth, and are available as tax-effective PIE portfolios.



Investment with researched, respected global managers

Each of the Portfolios in the Managed Portfolio Service will be managed by one or more specialist investment managers, appointed to the Service.
These investment managers are a carefully researched selection of world-class Australasian and global asset managers, chosen for their expertise in managing a particular asset class in the Service.
The Managed Portfolio Service uses this approach for the management of client portfolios in order to gain access to expertise, diversification across investment management styles and to reduce the risk of having assets with just a few managers.

The simplicity of a single account

By choosing to invest in the Managed Portfolio Service, your assets will be diversified across a range of portfolios and investment managers.
The Managed Portfolio Service consolidates all of these investments into a single account. You will receive just one regular consolidated report, detailing and summarising your financial position.
A single account is particularly useful when it comes to calculating your tax as you will receive a single annual tax statement, with taxable income calculated for your entire investment portfolio.

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