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Experience has taught us that no two clients are the same. We understand that each of us has unique life experiences and plans for the future.  Our job is to help you turn your financial needs and goals into reality.  We do this by providing you with professional, expert advice on managing your financial affairs.   So whether you want to plan for your retirement, save money, reduce debt, simplify your tax liabilities or find the best way to leave a legacy for your loved ones, we can help.

We’ll unravel the complexities, help you understand your choices, establish a comprehensive plan and recommend some solutions to help you achieve a better financial future. Covering important things like savings and investments, it’s also a spending plan – providing you with the means to spend with confidence, and enabling you to enjoy the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to earn.

Our services encompass all of the key elements that are required to help you protect and grow your money and assets:



 Financial Advice

The traditional approach to giving financial advice started with a risk profiling exercise and finished with a single portfolio recommendation. At Collins Group, we begin our conversations with a discovery process that allows our advisers to know and understand your financial needs and goals – we call this ‘needs-based advice’.

Once this discovery process is complete, our advisers are in a much better position to recommend how clients should allocate their money. Most peoples’ needs can be matched to four general categories in this way:

Spending needs - Money set aside, in relative safety, to meet normal spending needs in the next couple of years e.g. household and living expenses.

Future income needs - To enable our clients to plan for their medium-term needs (the next three to five years) with confidence e.g. a trip overseas to see the grandchild or a future medical procedure.
Inflation protection needs - To future-proof spending power, over time, from the effects of inflation.
Future growth needs - The ‘engine room’ of the portfolio, intended to grow our clients’ capital in the long term.
The outcome of this process is an individually tailored financial plan, made up of four distinct portfolios that reflect each of the needs categories outlined above. These portfolios are designed to collectively meet each client’s personal financial and lifestyle goals.

Our new approach to providing advice to clients has been the subject of extensive research both in New Zealand and overseas. Not only is it different from the way in which we previously provided advice, it is different from the approaches of most in our industry.


Investment Advice


Toward the end of 2008 we launched a new investment platform, the Managed Portfolio Service, or MPS as it is also known.

We realised very early on that the investment offerings in the market were simply not suited to the needs-based advice process we had developed. Working closely with our investment partner, we developed a unique investment offering designed to integrate seamlessly with the needs-based advice process we had developed and now follow.

The structure of the MPS platform is underpinned by a set of principles, again reflecting what our clients have told us is important to them:

  • It should maximise the reliability of meeting clients’ income or cashflow objectives.
  • It should offer a range of well researched investments from specialist investment managers, in a tax-efficient, cost-effective and administratively simple manner.
  • It should be transparent and conceptually simple to understand, giving clients a clear and comprehensive view of their portfolios and how those portfolios will meet their needs.
  • It should be flexible so that it meets individual clients’ needs, preferences and attitudes towards risk.
  • It should provide our clients with ready access to their money when it is required to meet their spending needs.
  • It should have an emphasis on protecting our clients’ capital with consistent, competitive returns.
  • Each investment manager which contributes to the platform is carefully researched and selected from a range of complementary New Zealand, Australian and global investment managers.  They are chosen for their expertise to manage a particular component of the portfolios. 

Estate Planning


Estate planning can give people peace of mind that they have a plan in place that will take care of their needs, and preserve their assets for themselves and for their loved ones.   At Collins Group, we can offer advice on the three key aspects of Estate Planning:
Enduring Powers of Attorney


A trust can be an effective way to own, manage and protect your assets. Establishing a trust is a way of protecting the interests of yourself and those you care about and providing future financial security for them. 

The main reason for setting up a trust is to protect assets for the future.  They can also be set up for a particular purpose such as asset protection, protection from creditors, or relationship property protection (matrimonial).

There are many other benefits you will receive via a trust - and there are many types of trusts too:
·         Family Trusts
·         Investment Trusts
·         Education Trusts
·         Prepaid Funeral Trusts
·         Inheritance Trusts
To find out whether a Trust is appropriate for your, please contact Collins Group today on 0800 46 26 55, or click here to email your inquiry.


At Collins Group, we believe that an up to date Will is one of the most important documents you can have. A Will can allow you to spell out how you will provide for your loved ones and how your affairs should be managed after you're gone.
In your Will you can…
·         Specify who you'd like to provide for after you're gone
·         Decide what sort of funeral you want
·         Appoint an executor and trustee to carry out your wishes.
·         Choose guardians for your children who are under 18 years of age
Your Collins Group adviser can help you put together a Will that is easy to understand and give you practical advice on how to achieve what you want.  Your adviser will then do all the paperwork on your behalf.

To enquire about setting up a Will, please contact Collins Group today on 0800 46 26 55, or click here to email your inquiry.

Enduring Powers of Attorney

An Enduring Power of Attorney allows you to nominate the person who will manage your affairs if through accident or illness you are unable to manage them yourself. There are two types of enduring powers of attorney, one for your property and assets, and one for your personal care and welfare.  You can choose a different person for each job. We recommend that you set up an Enduring Power of Attorney when you make your Will. 

To enquire about setting up an Enduring Power of Attorney, please contact Collins Group today on 0800 46 26 55, or click here to email your inquiry. 





KiwiSaver can be a great opportunity for people to get ahead with their retirement savings.  Not only does it teach us all good savings and investing habits, it comes with valuable tax advantages, help from your employer, and generous government financial assistance.    At Collins Group, we have not only helped many of our own clients join KiwiSaver, we have also helped set up KiwiSaver accounts for their children and grandchildren. 

Everyone should consider whether they should join, as KiwiSaver can play a very important role in a diversified investment portfolio.  However, it is important that people consider their options carefully and make smart decisions about the type of KiwiSaver scheme they invest in. 

If you are interested in joining KiwiSaver, or if you wish to switch your current Kiwisaver provider, give Collins Group
a call.