Making KiwiSaver work for you.

Highly respected New Zealand Funds Management have launched a new breed of KiwiSaver fund. 
It encompasses three strategic portfolios, each designed to reflect the differing requirements of savers as they move through life stages.
Growth Strategy
  • Primary portfolio for long term capital growth to provide for future retirement needs.
  • Investment approach has a 20 year performance history.


Inflation Strategy
  • The Strategy where LifeCycle starts to allocate your savings from age 46.
  • Aims to mitigate the impact of inflation on your retirement purchasing power.


Income Strategy
  • LifeCycle allocation to this globally diversified income portfolio commences near retirement.
  • Strategy aims to preserve your capital and provide greater stability in your savings as you near retirement.
CONTACT US for an explanation of how it is different and an application or transfer form.
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What's on offer?

$521p/a The Government will match what you put into KiwiSaver, up to a maximum of $521 per year, ($10 per week equivalent).  This is not available for under 18s.

3% extra      Your employer is required to put in the equivalent of 3% of your salary or wage, if you put in at least 3% yourself and are over 18.
100% yours    The money in your KiwiSaver account is yours when you become eligible for NZ Super, (currently age 65), or once you have been a member of a KiwiSaver scheme for 5 years, whichever is later.
Most Kiwis can join and benefit. It’s not just for employees.  Self-employed and unemployed, on ACC, on maternity leave, retired, studying, children – everyone can join and benefit.  
Top Tips for KiwiSavers
1.    Pick your own KiwiSaver provider. There are lots to choose from. Pick one you trust. It’s their job to protect and grow your savings. 
2.    Know where your investment manager is investing, and be sure the investment is in line with your financial goals.
3.    Do your homework and don’t let a salesperson push you into a KiwiSaver scheme.  Make your own choice.
4.    If you’re not happy with the service or information you’re getting, CHANGE PROVIDERS! It’s your right.
5.  Make sure you can find out easily how much money is in your KiwiSaver account.  It’s your money.  Your provider should keep you fully informed about it.


We welcome your INQUIRY on starting your KiwiSaver or changing your provider.