Read what our clients say about us.


Having been clients of yours for over 17 years we have appreciated your sensible and down to earth approach to our finances. We felt very comfortable in leaving these with you and know you have our best interests at heart.
Now I am even more grateful for the advice and help you have given me over the past twelve months since my husband passed away.
I hope you will continue in the same vein and wish you all the very best with your new company.
Mrs Lee L. 


My husband and I have worked with Brian Chapman over the past 13 years and have gone through many changes in investments and the way to deal with them during this time with him.
As my husband is now hospitalised due to his failing health, I have in the last three years found Brian to be reliable and very helpful and know he has our interests in hand, as I am sure the new CollinsGroup will also.
Grace C S



Brian Chapman has successfully managed our investment portfolio for over 13 years.
We are particularly pleased with the way Brian has, with great skill and care, brought our porfolio through these last few very difficult years maintaining a minumum negative effect on our investments.
Thank you Brian.
Shirley & John H


My dealings with Brian over the last twelve years have been very professional and he has given sound financial information.
Christine R


Saving for the future is (or can be) challenging for the uninitiated.  Without the expert advice and guidance from our Financial Adviser – Brian Chapman, we doubt that our financial situation would be as comfortable as it is today.
In the past decade finance companies have gone to the wall as a result of the collapse of the property market, and there have been wild swings in the world economy and share prices.  Having a balanced portfolio has been the consistent message, and this will hopefully enable us to take advantage of better things to come.
As a consequence whenever there are financial decisions to be taken we first discuss the options with Brian, who we regard as a valuable friend.
We look forward to continuing our relationship with Brian, as part of the Collins Group.
 Elaine & Phil M


For the period of some thirteen years Brian has been my financial adviser. He has become a friend and trusted adviser always giving me prudent advice and I am sure in this age of world financial instability his advice will be just as sound.
George H


I have known Brian Chapman since 1999.  When I first decided to find someone to help me with my finances I thought of 2 companies I could go to.  I have never had any regrets that I went to this company. 
Over the years I have had more faith in my dealings with Brian.  If I have any problems I know that I can just ring him and he always gives me good advice, I put the phone down and feeling much better.  If is always a pleasure to go to his office, for our once a year meeting.
Brian is professional, friendly, making one feel that their portfolio is important and worthwhile.
Thank you Brian for your friendship and help over the past 11 years.
Joy P


Having invested under the watchful eye of Terry Collins over these last 14 years our thoughts are that Terry would have made a good teacher as indicated by the logical way he chooses his investment placements for clients.
His placements in our case are the result of careful logical thought. I still think “Collins'ese”   when seeing investment ads in the Dominion and Herald.
Terry Collins is an excellent communicator and in my case I have enjoyed the trust in his prudent tailor made selections which still keep us going very nicely investment wise thank you. We wish him well in his endeavours.
Patricia & Eugene McCabe BDS



I have been a client of Terry Collins for over 16 years. During this time my late wife and I have invested in many products suggested by Terry.
I have found Terry`s recommendations well researched and appropriate to my needs. Even during the recent financial upheavals I have been fairly well protected from too much adverse impact due to having diverse range of investments.
I have found Terry to be a very honest person, caring about me personally and my investments, so I don`t have to worry about making the wrong financial decisions.
In short I call Terry Collins a very good friend.
Yours Sincerely,
Michael A T


I have known and worked with Terry for over 10 years as a trustee of an investment trust.
He is very knowledgeable and makes considerable effort to ensure that I learn and profit from his experience.
I have found Terry to be honest and reliable in his dealings with trustees .
He is very client orientated and strives hard to reach the highest standards of professional conduct as a financial adviser
I am very satisfied in working with Terry and will continue to do so .

Dennis J L


We have been a client of yours for 15 years or more. In that time we have found you very obliging and made yourself available when we have needed your advice.
We have enjoyed those years working with you and hope we can keep our relationship with you in the coming years.
Mr & Mrs Frank & Betty B